Crimson Crush

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Crimson Crush

Post by Nihilus on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:06 am

Turf: Redmond, east of Touristville
Colors: Red

The Crimson Crush started out as one of the many metahuman gangs that formed in the wake of the Night of Rage, both to keep strangers out of their neighborhoods and to punish any humans stupid enough to come sniffing around. The all-ork gang has since taken on some of the qualities of the Yakuza in their relationship with the neighborhood, becoming the closest thing the locals have to law enforcement and a “neighborhood watch” group. The Crush takes care of its own, like after the Crash, when they cracked skulls to keep order and distributed food, water, and medicine to people in need (some of which they “liberated” from warehouses and convoys). They take “tribute” from the local businesses, but at least provide some actual security in exchange for it, and deal chips in nearby Touristville, mainly to out-of-towners.

Members of the Crimson Crush still mistrust humans in general, and any signs of Humanis activity are like a red flag to them (no pun intended); they go after it like a raging bull.

The runners helped the Crimson Crush repel a surprise attack by the Halloweeners and since then have been promised protection and aid by the ork gang, should the need arise.

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