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Post by Nihilus on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:35 am

Headquarters: Hong Kong Free Enterprise Enclave
Seattle Division: Wuxing North America, Roosevelt Way and 50th
Street, Downtown
Division Head: Sun Runming

A now familiar element of Seattle’s Downtown scene, the Wuxing North America HQ on Roosevelt Way has been under a steady process of remodeling and expansion almost since the day the company bought the two skyscrapers.

Wuxing is all about feng shui and ensuring the chi flows harmoniously around
their property. That’s the primary reason for all the pleasant Asian landscaping,
fountains, koi ponds, and whatnot around their HQ. The same goes for the
interior design. It’s always getting changed around as the company experts
adapt it to changing conditions and efforts by outsiders to mess with it.
> Lyran

Whereas NeoNET and Hong Kong glare daggers at each other across the Pacific, Wuxing Worldwide Shipping links the Port of
Seattle to destinations across the Pacific Rim. Ships bearing the Wuxing lotus logo can be seen all along the metroplex waterfront.

Formerly friendly relations between Wuxing and Telestrian Industries look to be
heating up now that Portland may become a destination for foreign ships, and
there’s the potential for them to become rivals rather than just allies of convenience.
> Sounder

Wuxing’s other major shipping rivals include KonOrchid, Maersk, and Free
Transit Cartage.
> Rigger X

Along with shipping, Wuxing has been moving into Seattle’s magical goods and services sector in a big way. They particularly compete with Mitsuhama in the area of magical services.

Wuxing marketing has been packaging their magical security services in
particular as more “harmonious” and “environmentally aware” than those of
Parashield, MCT’s main subsidiary in the business. With customers responding
to the message, it has put Parashield in the position of either softening
its image without losing its hard-core customers, or throwing some fear into
potential customers that Wuxing’s “hearts and flowers” approach to security is
not sufficient. Guess which approach they’re most likely to take?
> Ethernaut

Although Wuxing is known in the shadows for ties with the Triads, this is more cultural than economic, as the Triads look to serve the needs of the influx of ethnic Chinese the company has brought into Seattle. Wuxing seems to adopt a “better the devil you know” policy, willing to quietly support the Triads.

Not just them. Interestingly enough, someone has leaked information about
Wuxing-Triad arrangements to the Yakuza, who have scored things like
“hijacked” shipments of weapons Wuxing reported stolen, which Yak soldiers
then took from a warehouse guarded by the Yellow Lotus Triad. It might just
be the Yaks have a spy on the inside or somebody got sloppy or greedy, but I
think somebody in Wuxing is actually playing the syndicates against each other.
Dangerous game, if so.
> Riser

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