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[AAA] Evo Corporation

Post by Nihilus on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:16 am

Headquarters: Vladivostok, Russia
Seattle Division: Evo Seattle
Division Head: Mary Luce

Evo proudly proclaims that it’s the largest employer of metahumans in Seattle, which has won them few friends in the current
administration. Still, the company’s new line of Red Star Clinics have spread fast throughout the metroplex, retaining a sterling reputation for top-quality ‘ware and surgical work as well as discretion. Evo has invested in health care, biotechnology, and pharmabusiness in the metroplex, drawing some fire from socially conservative groups like the People of the Book, which favor moderation of biotechnologies. To counter any potentially negative impressions, Evo has undertaken a massive public relations campaign in Seattle, including support for free clinics and the distribution of free drugs to lowincome patients in need. They’ve heavily targeted the Barrens districts, which, coincidentally, have high metahuman populations.

Evo is also involved in a lot of aquaculture and oceanic research. They built an
artificial island in Puget Sound and claim extraterritorial landing rights, allowing
them to divert shipping around it and keep anyone from going there without
their permission, including the right to shoot first and ask questions later.
Security is high and the island platform is supposedly used for some cuttingedge
research. I know plenty of rival companies that would like to know exactly
what that research is.
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