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Post by Nihilus on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:14 am

Headquarters: Tenochitlan, Aztlan
Seattle Division: Aztechnology Northwestern Division, Broadway
Avenue East and East Harrison Street, Downtown
Division Head: Maximilian Lozano

The Northwestern Division is an important location for Aztechnology in North America, since the megacorporation is legally barred from doing business in nearby California and Tir Tairngire. The world’s largest producer of consumer goods still sells in those countries, of course, but through a series of shells and holding companies, controlled by the NW Division in Seattle. The corp’s Seattle HQ is one of the most famous landmarks of Seattle’s skyline, with its step-pyramid structure and Aztec carvings decorating the sides. At least one full battalion of Aztlan troops is stationed in Seattle to provide security, under the command of Reynaldo Martinez. Their ceremonial obsidian bayonets are a familiar sight within the Pyramid.

Ceremonial they might be, but fully functional, too. The obsidian isn’t handchipped,
but lasered into that shape, with an edge almost as sharp as a monoblade.
> Hard Exit

The Seattle Pyramid is a coordination and communications hub for Aztechnology activity in North America. That means it’s full of administrative personnel going about the daily business of running operations across an entire continent. It’s the center of the fast-track on up to the head offices back in Tenochitlan, meaning you find lots of high-stress, ambitious corporate climbers looking to impress the boss. Often that includes being willing to take initiative by employing shadowrunners: succeed and you might score that corner office. Fail and … well, let’s just say you won’t be looking forward to the next Aztec holy day.

Urban legends about blood sacrifices performed in or on the Aztechnology
Pyramid as so common as to be cliché, the kind of stories kids scare each other
with. That said, there’s considerable anecdotal evidence in the shadows of
blood mages working for Aztechnology and performing rituals in the top-secret
facilities within the Pyramid. It’s a testament to the power of the corporation’s
magical security that only the slightest hint of what goes on in there escapes
into the surrounding aether, although that alone is enough to give the area
around the Pyramid a disturbing emotional aura.
> Axis Mundi

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