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[AAA] Ares Macrotechnology

Post by Nihilus on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:09 am

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, UCAS
Seattle Division: Ares Seattle, 3600 Evergreen Way, Everett
Division Head: Karen King

Ares has a growing presence in Seattle, represented by their new corporate headquarters at the renamed Ares Plaza (formerly Cross Plaza) in Everett. Executive VP of Ares Seattle Karen King, a veteran of the company, runs operations. Ares has played smart in Seattle over the years; building up their presence and investments slowly. Rather thant trying to compete directly with local aerospace giant Federated Boeing, Ares has offered cooperative projects, including research and development investments that are paying off in new materials, control systems, and other engineering the corp can apply to the other markets.

The blood-red structure of artificial stone and copper-tinted glass near Lake Washington in Bellevue that was Ares' former corporate headquarters now holds their Seattle shipping operations, overseeing all shipping by Ares-owned trucking, shipping, and air-freight companies in and out of the metroplex, reaching all across North America and the Pacific Rim. Ares is the number one supplier to WeaponsWorld outlets in Seattle, and they have upped their contracts for security and military vehicles in the metroplex, supplying the Metroplex Guard and their own subsidiary, Knight Errant.

Karen King is ex-military, like a lot of Ares higher-ups. She was a Major in the
UCAS Army Rangers and served in Ares security before she became an exec. She
clearly still keeps in shape and is taking full advantage of the company health
plan because she looks good for a woman in her late 50s. She’s always been
willing to make use of covert assets in the past, but likes a light touch and
rewards a job well done, while being quick to tie up any loose ends resulting
from sloppy work, usually by hiring somebody else to get rid of the fuck-ups.
> Hard Exit

Of course, no discussion of Ares in Seattle would be complete without talking about Knight Errant, their security services subsidiary.

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