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[AA] Telestrian Industries

Post by Nihilus on Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:35 pm

Headquarters: Portland, Tir Tairngire
Seattle Division: Telestrian Industries Seattle, Denny Way and Boren Avenue N., Downtown
CEO: Sean Telestrian

The Tir-Tairngire-based Telestrian Industries has long used Seattle as its primary point-of-contact with the outside world. With political changes and upheaval back home, the Seattle division has become even more important to Telestrian, not just as a touchstone, but also a haven of sorts. The corporation moved a lot of assets and personnel out of its facilities in Portland, bringing them to Seattle, and it bought properties in Everett, Snohomish, and even Puyallup, if the stories are to be believed. In Everett, Telestrian owns warehouses that not only store goods, but also hide small office complexes and apartments for personnel and dependents. Every effort has been made to keep this all quiet, under the guise of “expanding” operations in Seattle and strengthening ties with the metroplex.

It’s true. The Telestrian family is worried what the new Tir government will do, particularly considering their prior close ties with the deposed Council of Princes. There has been talk of nationalizing some businesses and resources in the country, to say nothing of investigations and possible criminal charges. So the company has been quietly shifting out of the country, leaving behind enough in Portland to allay suspicions.
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Most of TIC’s business in Seattle deals with biotech: gengineered crops, organic farming in Snohomish, gene-splicing, bioware enhancements, and so forth. Their MacTaggert Research Institute does pure research, heavy in genetics, biology, medicine, and psychology, competing with Evo for the best scientific minds in those disciplines from Seattle’s top universities.

Telestrian is also heavily invested in shipping. They used to ship a lot of goods from Seattle to Portland and vice versa. Now those same cargo ships are used to move company assets out of the country as well as supply Portland with needed goods. It’s very likely Telestrian will lose their fairly exclusive shipping status soon, as the Star Chamber in Portland looks to open the country up more to outside contact.
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