5 years in this body

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5 years in this body

Post by Nanashi on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:54 pm

5 years... 5 years since I came to this God forsaken place, to this side of the world, thinking, hoping that I would perhaps forget, move on, anything to get my mind off HER...
WE spent our entire time together dreaming about the day WE would get away from all this, dreaming that WE would buy that small house outside Neo-Tokyo, no more fighting, no more bike racing, no more BTL infested slums... and WE almost had enough money saved to do just that. One more job with Hanzo, one more ride, "a piece of cake" and then WE could live our dream. But - there is always a but, isn`t there? - I was a fool thinking that karma would not catch up to me, thinking that I would do what I did and then WE would go live happily ever after. When I came back from that "piece of cake" job and saw the apartment building on fire, there was no one and nothing that could stop me from getting HER out of there, or so I thought -what a fool- didn`t see that flaming beam falling towards me until it was to late...
They say I was lucky, that Hanzo SAVED me... ME... What was the point of saving ME without HER... Burns over 80% of my body, bones broken, I was a mess, I would never be able to ride, to fight unless... Unless I would get bioware. I guess that all that money WE saved now had a different purpose. With this new body I could still ride, I could still fight, I could find who did this to HER. Hanzo found out that Yoshi and his gang did it, that they were trying to win territory by any means necessary.
I did not sleep, I did not eat, I did not stop -not that it was necessary with this new body- until they were all dead, all hacked to pieces with my katana. I did not fell better after that either...
They say that you lose part of your humanity when you get this kind of  bioware but I lost something a thousand times more precious to me before I got these prosthetics.
When it was done I returned to the ashes of the apartment. Of course it was empty... almost. The only thing I found under the ashes was a charred page from her diary -she always liked to use pen and paper, she said that computers make everything cold and impersonal- if only she could see me now... I thought that I could lose nothing else -what a fool. On that charred piece of paper were a few words, a short story writes wet dream, a few words that had a story which contained the tree best things in storytelling: religion, sexuality and mystery.
 The words were: "My God, I`m pregnant, will Nanashi be as happy as I am?"

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