The best use of my time before and after a mission

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The best use of my time before and after a mission

Post by Joseph_S on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:01 am

The claustrophobic Environment.. the smell of Smoke and Sweat..  these are some of the things I never thought I would crave for, Night after Night. Every time we come back from a Mission, it's a celebration. We're alive and we're in die Club to show it! Who knows, maybe one of these Nights I'll try out some of Junior's Jazz, Chummer's got some mad dancing Skills, and of course, Speed. Too bad Jim's got his odd no Drink no Fuck policy before ein Mission, he's been missing out on some of this Action.

This night's Catch was an interesting one. Never had a ginger Elf before. It's a good thing I updated the Cameras on the drones... there was a lot to capture on that freckled Skin of hers and I wouldn't want to disappoint the Fans. I never thought the Voyeour Drone Videos would catch on so nicely. Blondie wasn't bad either, I just have to do some cleaning up in the Van after her...

I wonder if they know...keine.


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