The Shadows: The toll

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The Shadows: The toll

Post by Owen Shaw on Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:06 pm

Sometimes I still feel it there: twitching, itching, I move it around, flex it, run it along surfaces, rough,  smooth, soft, wet, hot, cold, I know its all in my head yet it all feels so real.

Its been two years since I lost it during a run; a drekking mess. Looking back, I still fared better than most. Never worked with any of them afterwards. Lots of valuable lessons learned that day. Fair trade? Some might disagree, but in this business, I sincerely think so.

The new one doesn't look as good, how could it? Feels rough, unnatural, atliest, thats what the ladies say. State of the art cyberware, stronger, faster, more dexterous; I've got to admit, the power to punch a troll though a wall isn't lost on me either. I could get one that isn't so obvious, but I enjoy the harsh reminder. Even so, that is all I intend to offer to the shadows.
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