Eat to live or Live to eat?

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Eat to live or Live to eat?

Post by Joseph_S on Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:29 pm

There comes a Time in every Man's Life when it seems like he's got everything. Thankfully none of us have reached that Peak yet, but i wonder, if we don't get brutally murdered somewhere in the near Future, where will the need for more cease? Will any of us end up retired like Herr Armitage? Having young Shadowrunners ask us what it used to be like "in our Times"?. Who will be the first one to say goodbye, either by gunshot or a friendly Handshake? Statistically the Numbers are against us... maybe I won't be up for the Job, and end up in tomorrow's bad News, at best. Worst case Scenario would be to die somewhere in a Ditch, eaten by Rats and Ghouls.

Ah, but such nihilistic Thoughts are not suited for me... this is what I get for drinking alone. Ever since Jim believes I betrayed his trust he hasn't shared his favorite blend of Whisky. I'll just go back to my good old Bier. Keeps the Gut full and the Hangovers short. Besides, it always reminds me of home...

I can't believe it's been about 14 years since I've left Leipzig with my Großvater. Maybe I'll go back there some Day...make it the reason why I do what I do.
I miss the old IFMU Robotik Factories where I used to hang out with mein bester freund, Günther. Not being able to get in touch with him for so long got me worried... but I'm not his Mutter, he could talk his way out of anything, the Bastard.. kind of reminds me of Owen, now that i think about it.

If I made it so far, then he's bound to be alive and well, maybe doing the same thing as I...
I'll drink to that!


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