William MacCallister

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William MacCallister

Post by Nihilus on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:55 am

Also known by his Matrix handle, Bull. Probably the most famous ork decker, MacCallister survived Chicago and unlike most runners, reached an age at which he decided to retire. He moved to Seattle to be close to his children, Rebecca and Billy. Seeing as his son decided to follow in his footsteps, MacCallister decided to step out of retirement and work as a fixer.

Tragedy struck in January of 2075, when Rebecca MacCallister became one of the victims of the Mayan Cutter copycat. Stricken with grief, William MacCallister hired the runners to find the copycat killer and bring them in, alive. Once Shawn Walker had been apprehended by the runners and delivered to a warehouse in Tacoma, MacCallister let his wife pull the trigger and avenge their daughter.

The ork decker has since then dedicated himself to furthering the goals of O.R.C (Ork Rights Committee), in his daughter's memory. He continues to work as a Fixer, probably one of the most reliable in the metroplex.

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