The 162s

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The 162s

Post by Nihilus on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:27 am

Turf: Redmond
Colors: Blood Red and Brown

Like Redmond doesn’t have enough problems, along come the 162s, a gang of ghoul errand boys working for Tamanous, the international organlegging ring. The ghouls basically hunt in packs in the Barrens, picking off loners or small groups. They hand the healthy looking victims over to the chop shops to become spare-parts and eat the rest, along with whatever scraps Tamanous doesn’t use. Fortunately, they only hunt at night and prefer to go after the weakest members of the herd; make a real show of force and they tend to run.

The gang’s name comes from Special Order 162, an ill-fated piece of UCAS legislation
intended to protect the ghouls of Cabrini Green in Chicago. Their tag is
“162” in red, often over three diagonal black lines to represent talon slashes.
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