Troll Killers

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Troll Killers

Post by Nihilus on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:26 am

Turf: Downtown, near Lake Washington
Colors: Red and Green

Like you’d expect from the name, the Troll Killers are pissed off humans whose idea of a good time is collecting ork tusks and troll horns to wear as trophies and prove how manly they are. They started out as the spawn of Humanis supporters and sympathizers in Seattle and became something of a rite of passage; some members of the gang are the second- and even third-generation. Unfortunately for the TKs, their chosen prey got organized and fought back, and the gang took some serious hits from opposition like the Ragers and even the Skraacha, forcing them to pull back around their Lake Washington turf.

Not anymore. Somebody has been arming and even training the Troll
Killers lately and turning them into vigilante bands. A lot of the ordinance is
stuff that went “missing” during the metroplex security transition, meaning it
technically belonged to Lone Star, but I suspect the connection is more with the
Brackhaven administration with Lone Star as the fall guys. The TKs might even
just be stalking horses: get the metas riled-up enough to fight back, then you
can call it a riot and have Knight Errant come down on them hard like an orbit
shot and say you’re just “maintaining law and order.”
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