Rusted Stilettos

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Rusted Stilettos

Post by Nihilus on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:25 am

Turf: Glow City, Redmond
Colors: Black and Rust Red

The Stilettos are slowly dying out, just like the Glow City area of Redmond they claim as their turf. They’re mostly orks and trolls, along with a few dwarfs and hardy humans, and nearly all of them show the long-term signs of living in the Glow, including some serious dementia. Of course it doesn’t help that the Stilettos make their money dealing in brain-benders and are more than willing to sample their wares. They’re barely tolerated on the fringes of their own territory, but nobody is stupid enough to bait them on their turf, where they’re likely to flay you alive, dress up in your skin, and rape your corpse (hopefully in that order).

Although the Rusted Stilettos’ numbers are down, the gang is, sadly, one of the
better options for the semi-able-bodied of Glow City. After all, so many of them
are terminal, with a few years to live and nothing to lose. Small wonder most of
them are completely out of their minds.
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