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Turf: Ork Underground
Colors: Brown and Gray

The Skraacha formed out of bands of orks in the Underground who got together during and after the Crash to protect their home turf, based on the entirely accurate idea that nobody else was going to do it for them. They got organized after things started to settle down and began patrolling the Underground, a kind of neighborhood watch/vigilante group. They’re a fierce source of ork pride in the Underground and have turned out to be a good outlet for angry young orks looking to bust some heads, giving them discipline and focus. They turn out to support metahuman rights rallies and demonstrations, keep vigils at the Crying Wall, and sometimes go looking for fights with Humanis sympathizers and groups.

Skraacha means “scorchers” in Or’zet. The members treat it as a warrior badgeof-
honor thing.
> Butch

The Skraacha aren’t guardian angels, either. They are up to their tusks in arms
smuggling and making money off smuggling goods into other parts of the ‘plex,
and not above burglaries and muggings of anyone they consider a “Humanis
sympathizer” or an “enemy of the ork people.”
> Hard Exit

In the events surrounding the capture of the copycat mayan cutter, Shawn Walker, the runners have won the trust and respect of the Skraacha leader, Ca'tan.

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