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Post by Nihilus on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:32 am

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Seattle Division: Shiawase Seattle, 6th Avenue South and J Street,
Division Head: Philip Tan

The “happy family” of Shiawase has not been so happy or harmonious of late. The internal power struggle for control of the corporation set off by the Crash is still going on while Shiawase struggles to present a united front to the rest of the world. Their business interests in Seattle have suffered because of their inward focus. Shiawase Atomics is all but out of business in the metroplex, having had to shut down its generating plant in Glow City and practically surrender the metroplex market to Gaeatronics. The corporation still holds the public works contract in Seattle through Shiawase Envirotech, and is in charge of the power grid itself, but Gaeatronics would love to snatch that away from them. So would half a dozen other companies.

Philip Tan, current VP of Shiawase Seattle, is the third in as many years. He’s
a lifelong company employee (literally, both his parents worked for Shiawase,
and his mother still does). It’s unclear whether he was promoted due to his job
performance and loyalty, or because someone wanted to make him a target for
one of the other factions of the company.
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Shiawase’s other interests in Seattle include construction, consumer goods distribution, and a wide range of service industry contracts. The company still runs things from its twin office towers in Tacoma, but also owns an artificial island in Outremer. Used for corporate housing, the island takes the gated community to a new level with a housing enclave reachable only by ferry from the Tacoma docks, and only by employees or their dependents or visitors with a special pass.

Paranoid as that may sound, Shiawase has seen a decrease in employee kidnappings
and extractions over their previous record levels. The fact that it’s
still going on at all indicates a lot of inside jobs and people looking to jump
from what they see as a sinking ship. The more Shiawase tightens its grip and
enforces mandatory company happiness, the more it’s going to keep happening.
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