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[AAA] Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

Post by Nihilus on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:22 am

Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan
Seattle Division: Mitsuhama North America, Martin Luther King, Jr.
Way and 68th Avenue, Downtown
Division Head: Tamatsu Sakura

MCT policy says slow, steady, and utterly ruthless wins the race. Seattle is the headquarters for their North American division, which has steadily improved market share and profits, even weathering the Crash fairly well. Having pulled out of Tsimshian, MCT refocused a lot of those assets in the metroplex. They manage the GridGuide system, and have kept the contract with regular upgrades and improvements. The company was quick to embrace the Wireless Matrix Initiative and offer its support in upgrading the system (earning a tidy profit in the process).

Mitsuhama does a brisk trade in magical goods and services in the metroplex, supplying a number of lore stores, university thaumaturgical departments, and private contracts. Their main competition comes from Wuxing, followed by Aztechnology, but MCT still holds the lead in the Seattle magic biz.

Mitsuhama’s newest interest in Seattle is mining; they have their eyes on the mineral resources in areas like the lava fields of Puyallup, and are negotiating land-use deals with the government. With a lot of heavy mining resources pulled out of Tsimshian, MCT is looking to put them right back to work.

Even the possibility of Mitsuhama doing to Seattle what they did to the environment
in the Tsimshian territories rightly scares the shit out of environmentalists
in the ‘plex. The communities in the Barrens are split on the matter: some
furious about what they call exploitation and the potential environmental risks,
others hope for job opportunities and an infusion of credit into their desperate
> Rigger X

MCT’s Parashield and HermeTech subsidiaries do a lot of business in Seattle providing
magical security to companies too small to afford their own magicians
or that prefer to leave arcane matters in the hands of experts. The Parashield
glyph is a regular sight in Seattle’s ether, proclaiming Mitsuhama’s protection
over a site. Unfortunately for their clients, this means once you get the hang
of overcoming Parashield’s rather cast-by-the-numbers wards, Seattle is your
oyster. Just watch out for the guard paranimals and back-ups.
> Ethernaut

Mitsuhama’s ties with the Japanese Yakuza have created some awkwardness
for them in Seattle. They’re used to being able to call on the Yaks for shadowresources,
but bringing foreign kobun into the metroplex is usually enough to
start a gang-war, and the Seattle Yakuza are all too willing to help MCT out, at
the price of pissing off the Yaks back home. It’s one reason why MCT relies so
heavily on shadowrunners in the metroplex and why they’re often so annoyed
about it.
> Mihoshi Oni

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